This document was last updated 03 February 2016

This page describes how we collect information and what we do with it. Using our service, you agree to these policies. This document can be updated, so check at least once per 6 months. (“WE” means, “YOU” means users who use, and others are “THIRD PARTY”)

Information about you

We collect these information from users-

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Website address
  4. Social profile links

When someone registers in our site, he needs to use his/her email address to verify himself/herself. This helps us protecting fraud user registration and spamming and to keep maintaining good service. When someone submits a comment in posts without registration, we also collect name and email. This helps us identifying the user. Email is necessary if it is needed to contact with the user. Name, Social links and comments are visible to public. But we never share email addresses users with anyone. You can check your profile page to see your information provided with us.

We use your device to store some cookies. These cookies are used for the best user experience. However, you can disable cookie for this site. But we strongly recommend not to do so.

Information about news, offers and service

We collect all telecom related information like news, offers etc from their respective officials website and verified Facebook fan page. We try to fetch these information as soon as they publish in their websites. We broaden their published announcement about offers/news so that our users can understand them easily. We try to share 100% accurate information collected from these sources. However, if anything seems to be irrelevent or wrong, we welcome our users to inform us the complaint using our contact us page. However, all users are requested to do the following things-

  • If we provide any mobile number/phone number, make a call that number and ensure this is the right persion before paying any payment or visiting him/her.
  • Verify any address provided by us before visiting. Awareness is necessary.

Policies about Advertisements

We use third party Ads on our site. These ads are controlled by Google. We do not have any control over these ads. Ads provider and controller is responsible for all ads related issues and policies. Google uses their own information about which ad will be shown in your device. If you find any inappropriate ad, we have absolutely nothing to do. However, you can report to google which ads are irrelevant to you. If you don’t want to see any ads, please use any ad blocker application.

Things we do not take responsibility for

  • Any psychological harm.
  • Any device harm
  • Any financial harm
  • Offers that has been expired.
  • Wrongly typed codes by user.

If you have anything to say about this page, please contact with us. To know who we are, see the about us page.