GP 500 SMS at 5 Tk for 7 days (GP to any)

Greet your friends with SMS today! Grameenphone brings an exciting SMS bundle offer for their customers. Now buy 500 SMS only at 5Tk with 7 days validity which can be used for GP to any operator. You can also increase validity using Grameenphone Flexi-plan App!

GP 500 SMS at 5 Tk

  • SMS volume: 500
  • Price: 5 Tk (6.05 Tk with VAT)
  • Validity: 7 days
  • To buy this SMS pack, type S6 and send to 8426
  • Check: *566*18# or *121*1*2#
  • VAT, SD, SC applcicable.

How to increase validity

Make a combination like this-

TALK-TIME: 0 (Select Any network)
SMS: 10

Now, make a purchase using BUY NOW button. You will be charged 0.61 Tk with 100% savings.

how to increase validity flexiplan


For any help, comment below.

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  1. Amar sim kani ai bundak offar ta pace na?5 Takay 500sms,,,

      1. আমি আমারসিম থেকে এমবির মেয়াদ কিভাবে বারাবো?

    1. vay valo asan?..amake 5 tk 500 sms ditaca akta sulition dita parbe ke?

      1. The offer is currently off. Please see the notice carefully.

        1. Code ta ki 500 small er paccina tho

  2. vhayea GP to Onno operetor r kono sms bundle acce? thakle plz janaben…

    1. flexi plan theke kine nen. gp to any

    2. Bay 5tkay 500 SMS ta kebabe registration korbo ?

  3. kevabe off koreg 500 sms survice

  4. Hoy na…first time registration only lekha ase

    1. kno bar bar ‘this request is valid for first time registration only’ bolche?

  5. ami flexiplan sara kivabe sms or mb er meyad barate parbo

    1. SMS ebong MB kon account-e ache sheta bistarito na bolle amra kichu bolte parbona. But you can always add extra validity if you purchase the same pack within its previous validity.

  6. vaiya ei 500 sms just 5 tk offer ti ki akhono open ache

  7. Business solution postpaid or explor postpaid er sms balance janbo ki bhabe?

  8. hello….ame…sma pack kin ta cai.. but…..kevabe..kina bujta cina…..
    sms pack ta hobe gp- any

  9. 5 takar sms pack chalu hoina keno?

    1. vai 5 takai 500 sms pak ta amar sim a..asena keno…

  10. eita ki bondho simer offer

    1. No, it’s not. It’s a regular offer.

  11. Vai offer ta ki ekhono ace?
    ami nite parteci na kno?

    1. This offer is currently closed. But as they open this offer randomly, you can try once.

  12. how can I stop this service

  13. Amioto payte cina.why

    1. The offer is closed. Please check red warning message.

      1. please offer on …plz

  14. please ai offer dorkar

  15. flaxipplan e joto taratari paren gift options calu koren

  16. sob sim e to hocchena…try koreo

  17. a vai gp sms kinbo kivaba 5 takai 200 sms

  18. ami pai na kno.. r kono offer ace.. takle bolen..

  19. এই অফারটা কি জিপি to জিপি এবং জিপি to others use করা যাবে ?

  20. Gp 5 tk 500 amake deoya hocche na kn…??

  21. Gp-gp sms kinbo..meyad at least 7 day…emn offer bln jekhane km takai besi sms and sms 200+hte least…

  22. sir offer ta on korle sokoler khub valo hoy tar sate ami,o achi.

    gp sim kena sudu sms, ar jonno akhon seta off thakle sim diye ki hobe sir

  23. গ্রামিন সিম থেকে সব সিমে sms পাঠানোর অফার গুলো কিভাবে পাবো

  24. Ami akhon kivabe Gp sms kinvo ta akto bolben please

  25. Uporer offer ta Ami send krci but SMS ase na kno

  26. r vai GP SIM boundo kore deoa lagbe karom kono offer ase na……..seta MB ba sms

  27. ai SIM kno offer poa jai na…. kno?

  28. 500 sms kinte parci na. s6 likhe 8426 te pathalamto.

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