Download GP FlexiPlan App get 50MB and 20MB free

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Graamenphone Flexi Plan App is now available for Android. Grameenphone is giving 50MB internet for them who installs this app in their smartphone. GP FlexiPlan App is useful to activate customized talk time, SMS, internet megabyte pack. Download now to get 50MB free today. Again, during the campaign period, you will get free 20MB internet if you buy any pack through this app and share it in Facebook (except SMS bundle).

Grameenphone FlexiPlan App

Grameenphone FlexiPlan App

GP FlexiPlan App conditions

  • 50MB free offer is applicable for Grameenphone prepaid and postpaid customers (excluding ERS & Business Solutions Postpaid).
  • 50MB has one day validity. Dial *121*1*2# to check remaining data.
  • Customers will not be able to buy only validity using Flexi Plan App.
  • Browsing charge inside Flexiplan app is free.
  • Auto Renewal feature is not applicable for purchased Flexiplan bundles.
  • Dial *121*1*2# to know about the remaining data, talk-time, SMS balance.
  • 3.45% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT and 1% surcharge will be applicable on every purchase.

Internet on GP FlexiPlan App

  • The validity and volume of internet in FlexiPlan is separate from the regular internet packs.
  • The internet validity of (1,7,30 days) will not be added with other internet volume validity. Thus, you CAN NOT increase main internet (*566*10#) validity using this App.

SMS on Grameenphone FlexiPlan App

  • SMS purchased from GP flexi Plan App is usable to GP to other local numbers.
  • Remaining SMS balance can be checked by dialing *121*1*2#.

Talk time on Grameenphone FlexiPlan App

  • Customized talk time plan can be activated using Grameenphone FlexiPlan App. You can choose both GP to GP talk time and GP to other talk time.
  • Remaining talk-time balance can be checked by dialing *121*1*2#.

20MB Free offer

  • During the campaign period, subscribers who installed this app will get free 20MB internet if they purchase using this app and share it in Facebook (except SMS bundle).
  • Free 20MB has one day validity. Dial *121*1*2# to check remaining data.
  • The free data offer will continue until further notice. Check this page regularly, we will update the page when offer is closed.

Gifting through FlexiPlan App

  • Customers can gift bundle to others.
  • While gifting, money will be deducted from the giver’s account. As example, if you (01710000000) gift your friend (01720000000) any bundle pack, charge will be deducted from your number (01710000000).

[mks_highlight color=”#ff0000"]CAUTION[/[/mks_highlight]p>

DO NOT share the PIN that you receive for purchasing a bundle. If you share this PIN with anyone, you may loss balance from your account. Grameenphone will not be liable if any loss is incurred while sharing PIN with others knowingly or unknowingly.

Download Grameenphone FlexiPlan

This app is available only for Android smartphone. Windows Phone and iOS version is not available right now. We will update the links when available.

For android-

Download link 1 (Google play, direct install)

Download link 2 (Drop box)

Download link 3 (apk-dl)

(If you want to install directly in your phone, use download link 1. Otherwise, you can download link 2. If it doesn’t work, use download link 3)

For Windows-

Not available. Will be updated soon.

For iOS-

Not available. Will be updated soon.

That’s it. If you have anything to say, please comment below or you can contact with us via our Facebook Page. Thanks.

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  1. হেপিনেস ডে উপলক্ষের ২০টায় ২০০০mb এখন নেই? ০৮/০৪/২০১৬এয়

    1. দুঃখিত যে আপনার কমেন্ট স্প্যাম ফিল্টারড হওয়ার জন্য লেট রিপ্লাই দিতে হচ্ছে। হ্যাঁ, অফারটি এখনো আছে।

      1. যে য্াই বলুক ভাই

        1. দুঃখিত, আপনার মন্তব্য বুঝতে পারিনি

      2. 20 takay 2 gb offer aga patam akhon pai na kno

        1. offer ti bondho hoye giyeche.

        2. মুকসিদুল ইসলাম

          Download korte parci na to vaiya.atar to 2ti apps pawa jai.1ta 20 mb r 1ti 50 mb.tahole 20 mb ta paitechina keno?ans plz plz plz vaiya?

        3. Please install directly from Google Play Store (Download Link 1) if you can not download from Download Link 2 or 3.

      3. ami 15din internet ke kora nibo.please akto bolan.

      4. ami 15din internet ke kora nibo.please akto bolan.

  2. gp বন্ধ সিমে ১১ টাকায় ২জিবি ইন্টার্নেট দেওয়া হতো।
    এখন দেওয়া হচ্ছে না কেন।
    pleace doya kore aktu bolben….

    1. ekhon 2GB @ 11 Taka offer ti nei. akhon 500 MB @ 5Tk offer cholche.

        1. Procedure ager motoi. BHKNUMBER > send to 9999. if eligible, you can get 500MB by dialing *111*90# at 5tk

  3. মন্তব্য this is very nice app


  5. 01********2 ki kono notun bonus nei

    1. For privacy reasons, your number has been kept hidden. Your number is not currently eligible for any unused connection offers. Dial *121*5# to check more offers eligible for you.

  6. Widows versions keno kora hoyni?????? Plz korben….

  7. vi dextop a flexiplan theke konokicu gift kora jabe kivabe answ please

  8. Vai ami I phone e plexiplan app bebohar korte cai ki babe korbo bolbenki

    1. Currently, GP has not released iPhone app. You will have to use FlexiPlan Web at

  9. 500 mb ofer ti cholo hpsse na kano

    1. It’s not 500 MB. It’s 50 MB. Please wait at least 72 hours to get free 50 mb.

        1. Dial *1010*2# for 10 MB (5 Tk will be deducted when you recharge)

  10. মোঃ লুৎফর হোসেন

    জিপিতে #566#22# এই অপশানে ক্রয়কৃত মিনিট এর সময় বৃদ্ধির উপায় জানালে উপকৃত হবো

    1. Please give these some information about this minute pack-

      1. how you bought them.
      2. if it’s any kind of bonus or not

  11. flexi plan theke kono kisu gift deya jatce na keno

    1. They have disabled gifting option for technical reason. We can hope, they will enable this important feature very soon.

  12. amar flexiplan ta cholteche na ken?

    1. Follow the steps-
      – First of all, update it from Google Play Store (Link is in the post)
      – If already updated, close the application and open it again.
      – If it still doesn’t work, reboot your device.

    1. Please send your detailed problem so that we can help.

  13. মো: মনজুরে আলম

    70 টাকায় ২০০ মিনিট প্যাকেজটা পাচ্ছিনা কেন?

  14. Sms kinte chaile ki vabe kinbo

  15. আমি জি‌পি দি‌য়ে জি‌পিএস চালাই সে ক্ষেত্রে সিপ বার বার খোলা‌নো সম্ভব নয়। সে ক্ষে‌ত্রে কিভা‌বে লোড কর‌লে জি‌পি থে‌কে যে কোন অপা‌রেট‌রে এ এসএমএস ও মি‌নিট পেক ৩০ দিন এর কেনা যা‌বে।

    1. আপনি জিপি ফ্লেক্সিপ্ল্যান অ্যাপ থেকে ৩০ দিনের জন্য এসএমএস ও মিনিট নিতে পারবেন, যেকোনো অপারেটরে ব্যবহারযোগ্য।
      আর কিভাবে সাহায্য করতে পারি?

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