airtel facebook internet packs

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airtel facebook internet packs

airtel Bangladesh has offered some facebook internet package for their prepaid customers. If you are an airtel prepaid cutomer, you can activate one of these affordable internet packs to browse facebook more freely. airtel facebook internet packs are given below. To see how to activate airtel facebook packs, see this section. Note that, there are some conditions applicable for this internet packages.

airtel facebook packs

4MB at 2Tk with 1 day validity

  • Volume: 4MB Facebook
  • Price: 2Tk (2.38 Tk with VAT and SD)
  • Validity: 1 day
  • USSD code: *121*92#
  • SMS activation code: FB4

50MB at 5Tk with 2 days validity

  • Volume: 50MB Facebook
  • Price: 5Tk (5.94 Tk with VAT and SD)
  • Validity: 2 days
  • USSD code: *121*90#
  • SMS activation code: FB

120MB at 10Tk with 3 days validity

OFFER! get additional 80MB with this pack. airtel 200MB facebook at 10Tk. 

  • Volume: 120MB Facebook
  • Price: 10Tk (11.85 Tk with VAT and SD)
  • Validity: 3 days
  • USSD code: *121*91#

100MB at 35Tk with 7 days validity

  • Volume: 100MB Facebook
  • Price: 35Tk  (41.50 Tk with VAT and SD)
  • Validity: 7 days
  • USSD code: *121*126#
  • MS activation code: FB100

250MB at 80Tk with 15 days validity

  • Volume: 250MB Facebook
  • Price: 80Tk  (94.76 Tk with VAT and SD)
  • Validity: 15 days
  • USSD code: *121*125#
  • SMS activation code: FB250

500MB at 150Tk with 30 days validity

  • Volume: 500MB Facebook
  • Price: 150Tk  (177.68 Tk with VAT and SD)
  • Validity: 30 days
  • USSD code: *121*124#
  • SMS activation code: FB500

How to activate airtel facebook internet packs

  • Dialing USSD code.
    Example: If you want to activate 50MB facebook at 5Tk pack, simply dial *121*90#.
  • Sending SMS activation code to 5000.
    Example: To activate 100MB facebook at 35Tk pack, go to message option and type FB100 and send to 5000.
  • To deactivate any facebook pack, go to message option and type FBOFF and send to 5000.

Conditions for airtel facebook packs

  • Only airtel prepaid customers can activate these facebook packages.
  • To check balance, dial *778*37#.
  • 15% VAT and 3% SD applicable for all prices.
  • Facebook data pack is only usable by Facebook apps, Facebook browsing using default browser. Proxy-based browsers (like Opera Mini) are not supported.
  • Along with facebook pack it is possible to activate and use other available airtel internet packs simultaneously.
  • If you have activated both facebook and volume based pack facebook pack, volume will be consumed for facebook browsing and volume based pack volume will be consumed for browsing and downloading other than facebook sites.
  • The pack will be automatically renewed after the validity expiry if sufficient balance is available. To stop auto renewal just need to write in SMS “FBOFF” and send to 5000.
  • Browsing any third party link through facebook data volume will not be consumed from facebook pack. Rather it will be consumed from other volume based pack if available or from main account as Pay as you go.
  • If facebook pack volume is consumed before the pack validity expiry, facebook browsing will be from other internet pack (if subscriber has other internet pack)or at PG2 (10KB/paisa) till validity expires.
  • Pack reactivation within validity or auto renewal will carry forward the remaining volume.


Troubleshooting for airtel facebook packs

facebook megabyte thaka shotteo tk kete jay facebook use korle.

  • ai problem ta hole, mobile-er default browser use korun othoba facebook app use korun.
  • tarporo problem solve na hole customer care-e call korun.
  • airtel er customer care number 786. (call charge free noy, tk katbe)

If you face any problem, comment below, we will try our best to help you. You can also contact us by our facebook official page.

Thanks and all the best.

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