Download VAT calculator Android App

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Download VAT calculator Android App

Though, calculating VAT, SD and SC is easy, most of us find it annoying. So, we have brought an Android App so that you can easily calculate VAT, SD and SC.

Currently, we are paying 15% Value Added Tax (VAT),  5% Supplementary Duty (SD) and 1% Surcharge (SC) with all charges. This app will calculate everything and show you the total price of your given price with VAT, SD, SC separately.

App size is: 224 Kb

How to use VAT Calculator App

  • Type your amount in Main price field and tap Calculate button.
  • You will be shown the result instantly without showing any loading screen.

As example, if you type 99 as main price, you will see this result-

Total Price : 119.79 BDT

VAT: 14.85 BDT (15%)
SD: 4.95 BDT (5%)
SC: 0.99 BDT (1%)
Total: 20.79 BDT (21%)

Download VAT Calculator App

We have not published Windows and other platform version of this app. Only Android users can download this app from below link and install this app. Note that, this app has not been added in Google Play Store.

Download Link 1 (Dropbox)
Download Link 2 (Google Drive)

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9 months ago

ভাই, আপনার Calculation ভুল আছে। যতদুর জানি, মূল টাকার সাথে ১মে যোগ হয় এর ৫% SD. এরপর যে AMOUNT হবে তার ১৫% vat+ ১%sc=total vat+sd+sc

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    8 months ago

    Thanks for your feedback. We contacted Grameenphone, Banglalink and Robi. Their given information was not matched. So, we have added flat rate. Please contact us if you have a complete reference about the issue.
    Thank you again.

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4 months ago

Ami to sudu vat charg dakhta parsi sc charg pay na

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    4 months ago

    The latest version of this app has no problem from our end. Please send us a screenshot by filling this form, we will look into it and let you know the update.
    Thanks for your report.

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